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eCover Pro

Here’s What You Will Discover In
“Create Your Own Professional eCovers With Photoshop!”

In “Create Your Own Professional eCovers With Photoshop”, you will discover:

  1. How you can create your own professional eCover in less than an hour!All you need is Adobe Photoshop program installed in your PC. You don’t need to engage a graphics designer or even use any external plug-ins or third party software in the process yet I show you how you can still have your own quality eCover designed to look as expensive and exotic as possible – whether your product is selling for $10 or $1,000!
  2. The secrets to creating a realistic eCover! This manual is not about those that you already know so well. No, the techniques have nothing to do with the usual effects one would apply when creating an eCover in Photoshop environment such as Distortions and Free Transformation.Learn what most average eCover designers don’t know that YOU should know – because this is what will part you from the rest of the crowd and can very well be responsible for making you the next expert graphic designer!

    How to Create background images that dominate the mood of your website while drawing attention to your content.

  3. How to print on the cardboard and fold it! How to have your covers pasted on each faces of the cardboard yet still sport a professional look and realistic angle!
  4. Additional techniques that will put you years ahead of other graphic designers who are charging at least $99 for an eCover! In addition to discovering their secret inner techniques that enable them to make you pay at least $99 for an eCover, you will learn additional techniques that will put most of the other graphic designers at shame


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