Affiliate Marketers Tool kit

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At Last! You Can Affiliate Market Seamlessly…Without Irritating Visitors to Your Sites!


Affiliate Marketers Tool Kit

This incredible tool is actually 3 tools in one, and they’re the quickest and easiest way to affiliate market. Inside this magnificent tool is absolutely everything you need to start increasing your click rate and raking in the big bucks!

1. Covert Cookie Technology

  • Secretly “cookie” visitors without them knowing about it
  • Give them direct links to the programs YOU recommend
  • These programs are much more likely to get clicked
  • And YOU still get paid!

2. Link Cloaking Technology

  • Creates click-friendly links
  • No more ugly links that look like alpha-numerical garbage!
  • Increases click rates by as much as 900%

3. Magic Pop-Up Creator

  • Adds un-blockable pop-ups to your webpages
  • Not typical JavaScript pop-ups like everyone else has
  • Unique code opens the visitor’s e-mail client
  • When visitor clicks “Send”, you’ve captured their e-mail!
  • Collects e-mail addresses even if you’re marketing someone else’s products as an affiliate!


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