Promote Your Business with These 5 YouTube Marketing Strategies

YouTube is great for promoting, but you need to do it the right way. It is important to look at YouTube as a destination site rather than as a search site. It you take that into consideration, then you will use YouTube as a supplement to your marketing and promotion of your product and business, not as your overall marketing scheme. Why?

Simply put, because there are thousands and thousands of videos out there. Really. The chances of your video being seen by a random person are not very good. Yes, you can use good tags and categories and that will help your video be located, but that might take time.

Instead, it is much better to create an external website, even a blog, and then link to your YouTube video. This way, people who are already interested in your product will be able to see a video about it to help supplement the information that you have already provided.

Here are 5 more tips that will help you in promoting your business or product with YouTube.

1. Use your uploaded YouTube video in your company’s blog. You can also use it on your company’s MySpace page or Facebook page, as well as on the website itself.

2. The same goes for Twitter. Don’t underestimate the value of Twitter these days. Make sure that your updates includes links to your You Tube site.

3. use your YouTube channel URL to any out-going emails that you send. Make them part of your signature so that no matter who you send them to, they will be able to see your link. Do this for both business and personal emails, but make sure that the signature isn’t needlessly large. That can be annoying.

4. Talk an important blogger or community group into using your video. For instance, if your local community has an online newsletter and you advertise your business with them, add your video to that or a link to the video on your site. In addition, ask them about posting a link to your video on their site, too.

5. Use the video or the video link in as many relevant areas as you can. It’s better to place them in a few key areas where you will get a targeted audience them posting them everywhere you can and reach nobody who is really interested. Relevance is the key here.