top 10 digital publishing tips

How do you make sure your book is one of the few that succeeds? How do you hit the top charts? How do you sell your books, even if you don’t have a brand or a reputation to rely on now?

These ten digital publishing tips will help you do just that.

#1: Everything You Need to Know About Pricing

If you’re looking to use your book to get as many readers as possible without much care for how much profit you actually make, then by all means go ahead and publish it for $0.99 cents or for free.

#2: More on $0.99 Cent Books

You want to use this price to get more people into your sales funnel or brand umbrella.For example, you might sell your primary book for $8.99, then publish 5 much smaller books on specific topics all priced at $0.99. People who buy your cheaper book who want to learn more can do so by purchasing your more expensive book.

#3: Hire a Professional Proofreader

Proofreading your own books is not a good idea. Neither is sending it to your friend to see if they spot any mistakes. A professional proofreader can turn a good piece of content into something truly phenomenal. If you’re serious about your book’s success, hire a great proofreader to look your work over.

#4: Read it on the Digital Device


#5: Plant a Teaser for Your Site

#6: Make Your Samples Pack a Punch

#7: Outsource the Formatting Cheaply


#8: Target Peripheral Markets

#9: Participate in Platform Communities

#10: Watch Your Reports and Optimize for What’s working

Track all your marketing activities and try to draw links between your sales and what you did to generate those sales.

Follower of these ten tips, will be one of the few self-published authors who knows both how to write a great book and how to run a great book business.

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