Article marketing tips

1. Keep headline interesting.
2. Provide relevant information about your business not just concentrate on selling yourself.
3. Decide, what purpose are you writing for and your main goal.
4. Promote your article so that it can reach out to maximum number of readers. Social networking will do that for you but you have to socially active and reactive.
5. You can outsource them which is a cheap way and you get good results quickly.
6. Place a back link of your webpage beneath every article you post on other sites. This back link will point to your web page and can draw much traffic.
7. Do not write long articles. Provide bullets and numbering.
8.Always remember the purpose of posting the article.
9. Article should address and answer reader’s concerns.
10. Article back links are simple implementation e.g.” Read more about”, “Complete article here” links that redirect the readers to your own blog and give them access to all the information you want them to know.
11. Link the additional articles you write directly back to the article on your newsletter of e magazine, that will add bonus to back links.
12. Articles should be brief and descriptive i.e. strictly 300 to 600 words.
13. Make a blog with the name of your business.
14. Add information based on your research which can easily understand.
15. Blog comments are an effective way to attract more readers to your blog.
16. Word press has developed as an eminent blogging tool. Articles posted on word press sites can fetch higher ratings.
17. Article marketing can work as a blessing to your business if done in a correct way and playing by the rules.
18. If a thousand readers are reading your blogs and newsletters, it can be very easily estimated that about 30-50% of the readers will actually contact you and ask for the services.
19. Do not write about yourself and yourself only. Select content that readers are interested in.
20. Create a twitter or Facebook account for your business profile and for the niche in which you publish your articles.
21. The more unique article you write, the easier it will be to get Google to index it.
22. Double check each word to make sure that everything fits and is spelled properly. Keeping a pristine writing style is paramount if you’d like to maximize your earning potential.