Make marketing work for you

Why worry so much about marketing? Well, mainly because you want customers to know your e-book

1) exists and
2) is worth their money and time.

The long and short of it is that you want to understand the market for your e-book. You will know the general market when you choose the topic, especially if you chose a topic because of its target market .

If you spend time getting to know your market, then you will be even better poised to market your work. For example, you want to make sure you are targeting a group that has money to spend. You also want a group that browses the Internet and that likes to get current information, i.e. he wants to learn how something is affecting him today, not how someone did something in the 1980’s.
E-books offer this freshness. Get to know your market by getting involved in online discussions, talking to people, and looking at demographics or statistics. Most services that provide information about how to reach people of certain income levels and such require subscriptions in a price range that is only affordable by large corporations. But you can freely access any of the U.S. government’s public information. And you may want to do that.
At the book stand, check out magazines and newspapers related to the topic to understand your market. Be sure to note who is advertising in the magazines. Some web sites offer information to their advertisers about readership and median incomes. Especially magazine’s web sites. Marketing precisely to your target market is everything when it comes to selling e-books.


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