Good online information

This is the part of this e-book that makes it worth all you paid for it and about a thousand dollars more – web resources and links that I’ve compiled in all of my research and experience.

For the most part, the items listed in this chapter have been discussed or mentioned in previous chapters. In some cases, I’ve listed web sites here just for your information, so you can see how a site is laid out or see just how many vendors are available. Where a site is recommended, I’ll say so.
I would like to let you know that I am in no way affiliated with these companies or individuals. I will not be making money if you visit these sites, and they have not paid for advertising in this e-book. (This e-book is for you, and there are no strings attached.) Therefore, as you bounce around the Internet, check references where necessary, and feel free to use other services that you may have discovered along the way. – this site has a large bank, or database, of ghostwriters looking for work. You can place an ad here and wait for offers to come in. – Like Elance only bigger by almost a factor of ten, Guru also has a database of ghostwriters looking for work. – This is a writing service I have used. – This site contains a catalog of writers too that are available to ghostwrite e-books (beware popups).

I do not recommend for or against using any of these services. I’m providing you with this list of ghostwriter web sites, so you’ll know that there are plenty out there. These would come in handy if you ever decide to call upon individual ghostwriters and have them offer competitive bids for your jobs. Although online communication is not exactly face-to-face contact, you will be closer to knowing the actual writers if you go directly to their sites rather than get into the database pools.
Except where noted, most of these provide nonfiction e-book ghostwriting services. – This site is only relevant for fiction ebooks.
Templates for creating your own e-book covers

Although my recommendation is to hire a cover art designer, if the artwork used as an example in this e-book is good enough for you, then you’re welcome to grab a template and create e-book cover art just like it for your project. Here are places to get free templates. After you try your hand, you may understand more clearly why a professional designer is a superior resource. – This site has free, basic e-book cover templates you can copy and add title text to. – Here you can also find free, simple e-book cover templates you can copy and add title text to. Template designer requests a web link in lieu of compensation. – Like the other template sites, this one sports free e-book cover templates. The template designer requests a web link in lieu of compensation. – Here you can also find free, simple e-book and cover templates you can copy and add title text to.

Free graphics software – Because it’s free, I thought it worthy of mention. This program is not specifically for ebook covers, but it contains all the tools you would need to custom-design your own cover. And it doesn’t cost a thing.

Here’s a place where you can hook up with other people who are in the e-book business. You an ask questions, help others, or just lurk. It’s an immutable fact that there will always be negativity and spam on public message boards. Especially because the e-book business is heavy in Internet marketing, you may have to sift through advertising posted by other participants from time to time. But you could also learn a lot, and also enjoy cyber socializing with people doing what you’re doing.

I highly recommend e-book resales . To give you a couple examples of what I discussed in a previous chapter of this e-book, here are a couple good resale sites. – One of the largest memberships online since 2006
Some sample sales letters

Use the sales letter in a previous chapter of this e-book as a starting point for your e-book sales letter. Other e-book sales letters are all over the web; here are a couple of them.

Places to get web hosting – This is a one stop shop for web space providers. There are myriad of web host providers ready to provide you with web space in return for their free advertising on your site.
The Internet is loaded with providers. Check the Free Site to get a current partial list.

Free .pdf converter – Since Adobe created the .pdf file, you might as well use their free converter. There are others you can find by a Google search for “PDF converter,” of course, but Adobe is as good as any.

Free FTP program – If FTP service does not come with your web hosting service, here’s a free program you can use.

Your ISP – If your ISP provides you with web space, they probably also provide you with the FTP program you’ll need to upload files to your page.

Free e-book listing sites

Things change quickly on the web, so if any of these links don’t work at some times, just move on and try another from the list.

Sites that list free e-books along with other things
The sites listed below also list free ebooks, but they also list software programs or other items. You need to navigate to proper area to list your e-book. Also, as with the strictly-free-e-book sites, these may change as the web evolves in daily fashion.


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